Key Features

  • – Cost effective
  • – Reliable
  • – Low maintenance
  • – Suitable for use with the majority
    of emulsion polymers
  • – Compact, space for equipment –
    footprint kept to a minimum


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Following a number of enquires for Polymer units, we decided that it was worth while looking at where existing units out in industry could be improved on and design and develop our own system.

We approached Process Instruments with an idea regarding an emulsion polymer dosing controller they were very excited.

CSS possessed the engineering experience and customer contacts to perfectly compliment their development and manufacturing skills. Working together allowed both parties to fully utilise their skill sets to produce a well designed and fit for purpose product that will greatly benefit the market.

After discussing the end user requirements with Process Instruments, it was clear that it would be possible to base the emulsion polymer dosing rig upon their tried and tested CRONOS controller.  By using the CRONOS controller as a base, allowed us to minimise the development cycle and us an existing hardware platform that has been proven on-site. The process instruments  development team worked with CSS to fully specify the requirements and then wrote a bespoke  piece of software to meet the application requirements.

After a couple of prototypes we were confident that we had a reliable and cost effective unit ready for trial. One of our clients, Ondeo Industrial Solutions Ltd, showed an interest in trialling the unit for one of their clients in the brewing industry. Over the last 3 to 4 years a de-watering unit had been out of service because Ondeo did not have a suitable polymer to flocculate the sludge, but with our Liquid Polymer Unit and a suitable polymer, this has now changed.

Please contact our office on +44(0) 1606 861809 if you would like more information.


Of course we had a few problems with the unit to start with, but that is only to be expected with a new venture.  Since the work, CSS did find a durable material for the peristaltic pump and the unit has run non-stop.  This has impressed our client as we have saved them thousands of pounds in tankering costs already by de-watering the sludge. It has been a pleasure working with CSS on this trial and we hope the Polymer make up unit gets the success it deserves”

David Burrows (Lead Maintenance Technician) from Ondeo

Products installed

  • Emulsion polymer dosing controller
  • Watson Marlow Qdos
  • Gemu Flowmeters and valves
  • Burkert Flowmeter
  • Accudraw Calibration Cylinder