Advantages of multi-port valves

  • – Individual, customised layouts
  • – Very flexible design
  • – Very compact
  • – Fewer fittings, welds or cemented joints
  • – Lower assembly and installation costs
  • – Low hold-up volume, smaller wetted area


CSS are pleased to be working with GEMU on some system designs incorporating plastic blocks.

Not only to solely utilise a manifold block but their latest designs now offer a modular block concept which enables standardised block sections which can be coupled together to produce modular manifolds. One example includes either one, two or three centre sections with separate ends offering 2, 4 or 6 outlet chemical lines! The result has been a space saving in the unit bringing it down in height and width whilst at the same time reducing assembly time, joints (with their potential leaks), shipping volume/cost and improved cleaning following use.

CSS working with GEMU have realised these many advantages into a much improved system design which is now being passed on as benefits to CSS customers worldwide.

Manifold block



GEMU working with the CSS team has been a coming together of ideas.  CSS were looking at how they could improve on their vast experience of manufacturing Chemical Dosing Systems in terms of reducing the overall footprint and also improving the controls and serviceability.

GEMU were able to offer modular manifold valve blocks that could save space, installation time and enhance accessibility.  Experienced supplier meets experienced customer! The development work has taken considerable time and effort from both sides. However the hard work has paid off, as we have now achieved the final design, an innovative modular valve manifold made up from sections which literally clamp together. Due to the manifolds being so much more compact CSS can offer a smaller cabinet size, reduced leak potential and more efficient build schedules.

Steve Orton (MD GEMU Valves GB)

Products installed

  • GEMU plastic valve manifold blocks