Our Standard mother daughter system is suitable for many applications.  However on the more aggresive chemicals, spillages/splashes can make the galvanised steel rust after a period of time.

In order to meet client requirements CSS designed and builit a more sophisticated system that is suitable for the more corrosive chemicals.

Following on from the first couple of systems built this mother daughter system has now been refined in its design and is proving to be a very sucessful alternative for when our standard system in not suitable due to the corrosive nature of chemicals being used.

Please call our sales office on 01606 861809 if you require further information.

Key Features:

Material of Construction: High Density Polyethylene

Large Loading platform with GRP anti-slip grating

Decanting hose assemblies

1,200 litre XLPE run tank

SIght glass for tank level indictation

**Tank Level Sensor (Radar) can be fitted on request.


System Dimensions: 1620mm x 1770mm x 1932mm.

Approximate weight: 250KG