These particular tube products are ideal in low-pressure applications, predominantly within the pneumatics, brewing and food industry.

Manufactured from high quality materials, which have the complete approval of the F.D.A and B.G.A. They do not rely on a plasticiser for flexibility, which could be leeched out causing contamination. Therefore L.D.P and E.V.A. tubes are perfect for conveying food based products.

Working Pressures and Temperatures

The working pressures quoted within the charts are based on the short-term pressure at 20° C using a 4 to 1 safety factor.

L.D.P. and E.V.A. can be used at temperatures up to 55° C at lower temperatures the tube will become less flexible.

OD In ID In Working pressure P.S.I. Burst Pressure & safety factor P.S.I.
¼ .157 290 1160
3/16 .212 275 1100
3/8 .250 250 1000
½ .375 110 440
¼ .157 80 320
3/16 .212 90 360
3/8 .250 90 360
½ .375 80 320
¼ .157 220 880
3/16 .212 180 720
3/8 .250 160 640
½ .375 135 540
5/8 .500 100 400

Coil Lengths

Standard coil lengths 30 metres, alternative lengths available, further details may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office.

All our range of tube sizes are available in Natural, Various Colours and tints can also be supplied.

Important Note: Please note that the information is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. We reserve the right to alter the specifications without notice.

Since conditions under which the products may be used are beyond our control: our recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee and we cannot be held responsible for misuse of products or information. However, our experienced technical stall would be happy to advise you on the uses for which our products are suitable.

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