The sophisticated solution

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. The areas in which it is used range from space technology to chemical, laboratory and measurement technology, the construction industry and even in medical technology as a prosthetic material..

It is characterised by a very high resistance to chemicals and UV radiation and is self-extinguishing. The FDA-compliant material is completely non-toxic, and similar to glass, offers no breeding ground for micro-organisms. Regarding its mechanical properties, PVDF provides high strength and rigidity, good gliding, and abrasion resistance.

Due to its excellent resistance to nearly all aggressive media, PVDF can be used in an extremely broad spectrum of applications. Moreover, PVDF is very easy to process. For these reasons, PVDF has gained acceptance in many types of applications, especially those in which aggressive media are transported.

PVDF has properties similar to the expensive fluoropolymers PTFE and PFA, the difference being especially in the temperature resistance, which is not a critical factor in a great many applications.