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Download Data Sheet for 500 and 1000 litre tanks here

Download Data Sheet for 50-350 litre tanks here

CSS Ltd provide a large range of chemical dosing tanks suitable for use in many applications and with a wide range of chemicals. All dosing tanks are rotamoulded without welds or internal tensions.

Dosing tanks from 50 litres – 1000 litres are supplied in white as standard; tanks above this are supplied in black as standard.

All our dosing tanks are made from M.D.P.E and have a split-level top for mounting agitators, dosing pumps etc, and (500 litre +) vented screw caps for safety.

A range of purpose made bunds are also available, these take 110% of the relevant capacity. Bunds are available in natural white as standard. CSS Ltd offer a range of tank furniture including tank skirts, overflows, pump suction valves and sight glasses, pump shelves to hold single dosing pump.

We manufacture tank stands in Polypropylene, each stand comes with a single pump shelf.

Ref Capacity Ltr Dimensions dia x height mm
DT 0.5 50 390 x 570
DT 1 100 480 x 658
DT 2 250 580 x 1083
DT 3 350 660 x 1165
DT 5 500 800 x 1200
DT 10 1000 1000 x 1450