These valves come with two union ends so that the valve can be demounted from a pipeline for refurbishment or repair. They are batch tested at a ratio of 1-1000. Available in plain/thread and metric. Please note to check locking end, tighten if necessary before assembly as if too loose valve will leak. Handle of the valve can be removed and used as a spanner to tighten the locking end. The locking end enables the user to adjust the torque on the ball in the valve, depending on water pressure.

Recommended for Water ONLY

  • 16 Bar Industrial Class Plastic Ball Valves
  • PVC-U, ABS, PP or PVDF
  • Plain metric or imperial or threaded union ends
  • Lever operated or pneumatic or motorised options
  • PTFE seats and EPDM or FPM seals
  • Optional lock & mounting plates

Key Features:

Construction:  UPVC

Applications:  Economy valve, recommended for water.

Economical:  Very low cost

Availability:  Ex Stock


BVALVE-P-½- EPDM½" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£18.22
BVALVE-P-¾- EPDM¾" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£20.72
BVALVE-P-1- EPDM1" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£35.43
BVALVE-P-1¼-EPDM1¼" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£41.41
BVALVE-P-1½-EPDM1½" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£52.39
BVALVE-P-2- EPDM2" Ball Valve Plain EPDM Seal£79.93
BVALVE-T-½- EPDM½" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£21.34
BVALVE-T-¾- EPDM¾" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£22.75
BVALVE-T-1- EPDM1" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£37.72
BVALVE-T-1¼-EPDM1¼" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£45.41
BVALVE-T-1½-EPDM1½" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£57.00
BVALVE-T-2- EPDM2" Ball Valve Threaded EPDM Seal£84.35