Our range of analysers have designed to give water treatment engineers everything they need from a controller.

The Controller can be equipped with up to three sensors of any type, analogue and relay outputs, PID control and is capable of complex water treatment processes.

Typical sensors used with the Controller are:-

Free Chlorine, pH, ORP, Conductivity,Chlorine Dioxide, Bio-film Monitor, Turbidity, Suspended solids, Dissolved Oxygen.


– PID controls.

– Isolated inputs and ouputs.

– Up to 4 relays.

– Profibus capability.

– Modbus Capability.

Power requirements:- 100-240v ac (0.25amps) or 12vdc (0.8amps).

Key Features:

Applications: Water Treatment

Low Maintenance: Up to 6 months maintenance intervals

Availability: 1/ 2 weeks


CSS-pHAnalyser with combined pH Sensor and Temperature sensor£998.00Enquire
CSS- CondTAnalyser with Conductivity Sensor -Toroidal 0-2000mS/cm£1,232.00Enquire
CSS- CondGAnalyser with Conductivity Sensor-Graphite (0-1000uS/cm)£956.00Enquire
CSS-OrpAnalyser with Orp sensor.£1,198.00Enquire
CSS-FcAnalyser with Free Chlorine Sensor, membrane and electrolyte- ranges include (0.01-2ppm, 0-01-5ppm, 0.01-10ppm, 0.01-20ppm and 1-200ppm).£1,398.00Enquire
CSS-CdAnalyser with Chlorine Dioxide Sensor c/w membrane and electrolyte, ranges include (0.01-2ppm, 0-01-5ppm, 0.01-10ppm, 0.01-20ppm and 1-200ppm).£1,434.00Enquire
CSS-BfmAnlayser with Biofilm Monitor£1,554.00Enquire
CSS-TbdAnalyser with Turbidity Sensor 0-100 NTU range£1,422.00Enquire
CSS-DoAnalyser with Dissolved Oxygen Sensor ,ranges include (0.01-0.5ppm, 0.01-2ppm, 0.01-5ppm and 0.01-10ppm).£1,470.00Enquire


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