PTFE (Teflon) Tube

  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE or teflon)) tubing is extruded from a chemically inert compound, it is non toxic, odourless, flavourless, fire-retardant, unaffected by UV and has a low coefficient of friction (non-stick).
  • PTFE (teflon) has many uses in chemical and general industry applications where aggressive fluids or environments are involved. PTFE  has excellent resistance to organic solvents, acids and alkalies and has extremely good weathering properties.  Please look at our double wall tube section to see prices for double walled PTFE.
  • CSS supply PTFE to many Industries including Water Treatment, Pump & Paper, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical
  • PTFE tubing is stocked at CSS in many sizes and cut to suit client requirements
  • Compared with other grades of PTFE fine powder Teflon, CSS supply PTFE 62 which is a premium resin that has increased thermal stability, flexlife, stress-crack resistance and clarity.


PTFE Pressure rating:  5 barg up to 12 barg, please check size for max. working pressure on specification sheet.

PTFE Working Temperature: -60◦C to +260◦C

Applications: Chemical, Food and general Industry, due to the excellent chemical resistance that PTFE offers.  We use PTFE 62 which is premium resin (see data sheet).  If you require a cheaper/lower standard PTFE tube please contact the office.

Availability: PTFE is Ex Stock, 6/4mm and 8/5mm in lengths up to 500mtr, 12/9mm in lengths up to 375 meters, all other sizes 100mtr coils max length from stock.



PTFE 1/41/4" OD x 0.157" ID£6.69
PTFE 3/83/8" OD x 1/4" ID£7.49
PTFE 1/21/2" x 3/8" ID£12.15
PTFE 66mm OD x 4mm ID£3.32
PTFE 8/68mm OD x 6mm ID£4.49
PTFE 8/58mm OD x 5mm ID£5.27
PTFE 9/69mm OD x 6mm ID£9.21
PTFE 1010mm OD x 8mm ID£5.51
PTFE 12/912mm OD x 9mm ID£11.19
PTFE 12/1012mm OD x 10mm ID£7.31


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