• Polyethylene tube products are ideal in low-pressure applications, predominantly within the pneumatics, brewing, food and chemical industry.
  • Manufactured from high quality materials, which have the F.D.A and B.G.A.
  • The materials do not rely on a plasticiser for flexibility, which could be leeched out causing contamination, polyethylene tubes are ideal for conveying food based products.



Key features

Economical: Cost effective tube for many chemicals
Working temperature: up to + 55 degree C.




CSS REFDESCRIPTION30m Coil50m Coil100m Coil
MDPE 1/41/4"OD x 0.157 ID£19.68£32.80£65.60
MDPE 3/83/8" OD x 1/4"ID£23.04
MDPE 1/21/2" OD x 3/8" ID£31.68
MDPE 66mm OD x 4mm ID£17.28
MDPE 8/68mm OD x 6mm ID£19.68


MDPE 8/58mm OD x 5mm ID£23.04£38.40£76.80
MDPE 9/69mm OD x 6mm ID£28.80
MDPE 10/810mmOD x 8mm ID£25.92£43.20
MDPE 12/812mmOD x 8mm ID£35.04
MDPE 12/912mmOD x 9mm ID£33.12
MDPE 12/1012mmOD x 10mm ID£31.20
MDPE 16/1316mmOD x 13mm ID£59.52


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