Double Walled Valved Termination Kit for PTFE and MDPE tube

Double walled valved tube termination kit suitable for metric and imperial PTFE and MDPE tube.

Inner tube passes through the connector on the right hand side, through the tee and out of the fitting on the left, to the pump or injection point.

The outer tube terminates at the fitting on the r.h.s. If the inner tube leaks it can simply be drained out through the valve.


Please note, this is NOT a pressure rating fitting- purpose is purely for sealing



Availability:   2/3 days

Applications:  sealing device for double wall tubing for most chemicals

Rating: n/a  sealing only



6-Term KitArrangement for 6/4 inner tube £76.00Enquire
8-Term KitArrangement for 8/5 or 8/6 inner tube£76.85Enquire
12- Term kitArrangement for 12.9 inner tube£79.65Enquire
3/8" - Term KitArrangement for 3/8" od inner tube£70.75Enquire
1/2" - Term KitArrangement for 1/2" od inner tube£70.75Enquire

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