Chemical DosingTank Outlet Valve

Outlet valves are installed on the tanks at low level, these are generally installed where there is a requirement for pumps to have flooded suction.

Please add an extra £15.00 to prices below for fitting to 3000 and 5000 litre tanks

Key Features

Standard: Fitted with a 2 Way PVC ball valve with EPDM seal as standard

Availability: 2/3 days for fitting


P.S.V 1/2 ½” Pump Suction Valve94.50
P.S.V 3/4 ¾” Pump Suction Valve£97.00
P.S.V 1 1” Pump Suction Valve£112.50
P.S.V 1 1/2 1 ½” Pump Suction Valve£169.00