Chemical Dosing Tank Rain Skirt

  • Rain skirts are manufactured in natural MDPE, these are installed where the tank and bund arrangement are to be installed to prevent water ingress into the bund.
  • Please note prices below are not valid if overflow and sightglass are required
  • Rain skirts ideally should be fitted to tanks in our workshop to get best fit
  • only overlap bund by aprox 5 cm
  • this type of rain skirt is only available up to the 500 litre dosing tank

Key Features

Applications: Prevent rainwater and debris entering bund situated outdoors

Options: Can be welded/siliconed to tank, or left as a tight fit so removal of skirt possible.

Availability: 2/3 days


Skirt 50Tank Rain skirt to suit DT 0.5 50 litre dosing tank£93.30
Skirt 100Tank Rain skirt to suit DT1, 100 litre dosing tank£93.30
Skirt 200Tank Rain skirt to suit DT2, 200 litre dosing tank£131.00
Skirt 300/500Tank Rain skirt to suit DT3/DT5 300/500 litre dosing tank£131.00