Chemical Dosing Tanks

  • Range of one piece M.D.P.E moulded tanks, in UV resistant foodgrade polyethylene, suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals.
  • Tanks have a reinforced top surface for supporting electrical mixing equipment, black screw lids and graduated scale moulded into tank.
  • Maximum specific gravity up to 500 litre tank is 1.9
  • Maximum specific gravity 1000 litre tank is 1.5.
  • Please note that these tanks are designed to operate under Atmospheric pressure only, please consider installing a suitably sized vent and overflow when installing furniture on the tanks.
  • Minimum Operating Temperature is -20 degree C

Please note spare tank lid in table is only suitable for the natural 50 litre tank, not the black one as this has a slightly larger cap size. It fits the other size tanks up to 350 litre in both natural and black.



Range of Industries: Good chemical resistance

Rotational moulded – No seams

Construction: MDPE

Applications: treatment of water and for storing and mixing chemicals

Availability: Ex Stock




Ø mmHeight mmCap Ø mmWeight kgPrice NaturalPrice BlackEnquire
DT 0.5504255001303.5n/a£46.00Enquire
DT 0.5503905701253.5£60.00n/aEnquire
DT 11004806581255£69.00 £70.00Enquire
DT 220065078019514.5£82.00n/aEnquire
DT 2.5250580108312511n/a £104.00Enquire
DT 33006401030mm195£130.00Enquire
DT 3.5350660116512514N/A £129.00Enquire
DT 5500800120025018£202.00 £210.00Enquire
DT 1010001000145025035£324.00 £325.00Enquire
LID for DT0.5 - DT3125£20.00Enquire
LID for DT5 & DT10250£33.00


Dosing tanks 50 - 350LtDownload
Dosing tanks 500 & 1000LtDownload
500Lt Dosing tank dimensionsDownload
CAD Drawing 500 litre tankDownload