Chemical Dosing Tanks

  • Range of one piece M.D.P.E moulded tanks, in UV resistant foodgrade polyethylene, suitable for use with a wide range of chemicals.
  • Tanks have a reinforced top surface for supporting electrical mixing equipment, black screw lids and graduated scale moulded into tank.
  • Maximum specific gravity up to 500 litre tank is 1.9
  • Maximum specific gravity 1000 litre tank is 1.5.
  • Please note that these tanks are designed to operate under Atmospheric pressure only, please consider installing a suitably sized vent and overflow when installing furniture on the tanks.
  • Tanks supplied in natural polyethylene as standard. (black available at 8% surcharge)


Range of Industries: Good chemical resistance

Rotational moulded – No seams

Construction: MDPE

Applications: treatment of water and for storing and mixing chemicals

Availability: Ex Stock




Ø mmHeight mmCap Ø mmWeight kgPrice NaturalPrice BlackEnquire
DT 0.5 Black504255001303.5n/a£46.00
DT 0.5503905701253.5£60.00 n/aEnquire
DT 11004806581255£68.00 £69.00Enquire
DT 2250580108312511£92.50 £99.90Enquire
DT 3350660116512514£122.00 £125.00Enquire
DT 5500800120025018£192.00 £207.00Enquire
DT 1010001000145025035£260.00 £280.00Enquire


Dosing tanks 50 - 350LtDownload
Dosing tanks 500 & 1000LtDownload
50L TankDownload
Typical 100Lt Tank layoutDownload
250Lt tankDownload
250Lt side pump shelf and bund, with delta pumpDownload
350Lt tankDownload
Typical 350Lt Tank layoutDownload
500Lt tankDownload
Typical 500Lt Tank layoutDownload
500Lt Dosing tank dimensionsDownload
Moulded bund to suit 500Lt TankDownload

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