For tanks with capacities of 1000 litre and above we offer the following range of rectangular bunds fabricated from beige Polypropylene.

Please note that we can custom make to specific footprints.

* Type B2 bund is required when an IBC with decanting frame is to be installed.

If required bund sizes can be adapted to suit your application.

Key Features:

Construction: Polypropylene, suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

Colour:  Beige

Footprint: Can be custom made to suit footprint restrictions

Availability:  2 weeks

County of Origin: UK

Commodity Code: 39259080


CSS REFNominal capacityTo suit TankDimensions (mm)PRICE
FB5065DT50654 x 554 x 262£219.50
FB100125DT100754 x 654 x 312£260.00
FB250280DT250854 x 754 x 512£327.00
FB350387DT350954 x 854 x500£386.00
FB500550DT5001254 x 995 x 507£468.00
FB11375DT10, 1000lt & 1250lt IBC's1520 x 1520x 760£915.00
*FB21375DT10, 1000lt & 1250lt IBC's1700 x 1670 x 760£1045.00
FB31650TV151570x 1670 x 760£1109.00
FB42200TV201900 x 1900 x 760£1864.00
FB53300TV301990 x 1990 x 1010£2,037.00