We offer the following range of rectangular bunds fabricated from beige Polypropylene (RAL7032).

Please note that we can custom make to specific footprints.

* Type FB1000-MD bund is required when an IBC with decanting frame is to be installed.

If required bund sizes can be adapted to suit your application.

Key Features:

Construction: Polypropylene, suitable for outdoor and indoor installations

Colour:  Beige

Footprint: Can be custom made to suit footprint restrictions

Availability:  2 weeks

County of Origin: UK

Commodity Code: 39259080


CSS REFNominal capacityTo suit TankDimensions (mm)PRICE
FB5065DT50654 x 554 x 262£219.50
FB100125DT100754 x 654 x 312£260.00
FB200280DT200854 x 754 x 400£327.00
FB300387DT300954 x 854 x500£386.00
FB500550DT5001254 x 995 x 507£468.00
FB1000-IBC1375DT10, 1000lt & 1250lt IBC's1520 x 1520x 760£915.00
*FB1000-MD1375DT10, 1000lt & 1250lt IBC's1700 x 1670 x 760£1045.00
FB15001650TV151570x 1670 x 760£1109.00
FB20002200TV201900 x 1900 x 760£1864.00
FB30003300TV301990 x 1990 x 1010£2,037.00


FB50-Bund DRWGDownload
FB100 - Bund DRWGDownload
FB300- Bund DRWGDownload
FB500 Bund DRWGDownload
FB1000 Bund DRWGDownload
FB1000-MD Bund DRWGDownload
FB1500 Bund DRWGDownload
FB2000 Bund DRWGDownload
FB3000 Bund DRWGDownload