Tank Connector

Of all plastics upvc is the most widely used, it is highly suitable for both interior and exterior applications, it has excellent chemical resistance, clean, light to handle and can be easily jointed. UPVC is odourless and tasteless and is suitable for conveying drinking water and many food products.

Key Features:

Fields of application:

* Microelectronics, Chemical Process Industry, Shipbuilding

* Water Treatment

Construction:  PVC-U


* Universal use

* Good chemical and corrosion resistance

* Proven physiological harmless

Availability:  2 days


TC ½½" Tank Connector£5.05Enquire
TC ¾¾" Tank Connector£5.90Enquire
TC 11" Tank Connector£10.53Enquire
TC 1¼1¼" Tank Connector£12.63Enquire
TC 1½1½" Tank Connector£13.38Enquire
TC 22" Tank Connector£16.53Enquire