PVC-U pipe

PVC pipe is a pressure pipe that provides excellent chemical resistance to most solutions of acids, alklais, salts and solvents that can be mixed with water.

It is light to handle and has good resistance to abrasion.

Key Features:

Material:  polyvinyl chloride – unplasticised

Colour: Grey

Applications: pipe installation indoor and out

Construction: Smooth bore, which gives good flow characteristics

Quality Product: WRAS approved, Bsi Kitemarked, complies to EN 1452

Pressure Rating:
Class 7(T):  12 bar @ 20°C
Class E:  15 bar @ 20°C

Country of Origin:  United Kingdom

Commodity Code: 39172310


½" PIPE-7½" Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£3.99
¾" PIPE-7¾" Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£5.52
1" PIPE-71" Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£7.79
1¼" PIPE-71¼ Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£10.70
1 ½" PIPE-71 ½" Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£13.15
2" PIPE-72" Diameter Pipe class 7 (T)£17.88
½" PIPE-E½" Diameter Pipe class E£4.84
¾" PIPE-E¾"Diameter Pipe class E£6.43
1" PIPE-E1" Diameter Pipe class E£8.03
1 ½" PIPE-E1 ½" Diameter Pipe class E£15.91
2" PIPE-E2" Diameter Pipe class E£25.31
12mm PIPE12mm Diameter Pipe NP16£3.72
16mm PIPE16mm Diameter Pipe NP16£3.82
20mm PIPE20mm Diameter Pipe NP16£5.54
25mm PIPE25mm Diameter Pipe NP16£7.25
32mm PIPE32mm Diameter Pipe NP16£10.72
40mm PIPE40mm Diameter Pipe NP16£15.88
50mm PIPE50mm Diameter Pipe NP16£23.13
63mm PIPE63mm Diameter Pipe NP16£34.40


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