Hosetails are used for attaching and securing of hoses (tubing). The barb-like rings on the tail allow for an easy push-connection of flexible-plastic or rubber tubing that is not so easily disconnected, hose is secured to the barb using hose clips or clamps.

Hosetails are designed for general pressure and vacuum, pneumatic gas and liquid applications.

Key Features

Construction: PVC or PP

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CSS REFDescriptionPrice
Htail- 1/2 PVC1/2" hosetail pvc£6.09
Htail- 3/4 PVC3/4" hosetail pvc£6.56
Htail- 1 PVC1" hosetail pvc£7.04
Htail - 11/2 - PVC1 1/2" hosetail PVC£18.39
Htail - 2-PVC2" hosetail PVC£18.00
Htail- 1/2 PP1/2" hosetail PP£5.00
Htail- 3/4 PP3/4" hosetail PP£5.50
Htail- 1 PVC1" hosetail PP£5.85
Htail- 1 1/4 PP1 1/4" hosetail PP£8.80
Htail- 1 1/2 PP1 1/2" hosetail PP£17.50
Htail- 2- PP2" hosetail PP£19.80