Cobra Pipe Clips

Cobra pipe clips are suitable for use with both imperial and metrics systems, manufactured from black polypropylene and can be used for MDPE, copper and plastics piping systems.

Clips 1”/32mm and above are fitted with a retaining strap. Other sizes are available upon request.

Key Features:

Construction:  Polypropylene

Availability:  2 days


Cobra 1/21/2" / 20mm Cobra pipe clip£1.39
Cobra 3/43/4" / 25mm Cobra pipe clip£1.49
Cobra 11" / 32mm Cobra pipe clip£1.62
Cobra 1 1/41 1/4" / 40mm Cobra pipe clip £2.16
Cobra 1 1/21 1/2" / 50mm Cobra pipe clip£2.35
Cobra 22" / 63mm Cobra pipe clip£2.96
Cobra 2 1/22 1/2" /75mm Cobra pipe clip£5.44