Prominent Solenoid – Driven Metering Pump Gamma/ XL

Gamma XL – large output great features.

  • Capacity Range – 2.3 – 45 l/h – 25 – 2 bar
  • Simple adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h or in gph
  • Integrated pressure measurement and display for greater safety during commissioning and in the process
  • Virtually wear-free solenoid drive, overload-proof and economical
  • The last 300 events are retrospectively saved in the integral log book, which permits rpaid analysis of the cause and troubleshooting.


CSS REFDescriptionCapacityConnection size PRICE
GXLA2508 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE8 l/h @ 25 bar8 x 4mm ** with s/s design 6mm connector width£1,799.48
GXLA1608 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE8 l/h @ 16 bar8 x 5mm ** with s/s design 6mm connector width£1,741.74
GXLA1612 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE12 l/h @ 16 bar8 x 5mm£1,741.74
GXLA1020 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE20 l/h @ 10 bar12 x 9mm£1,741.74
GXLA0730 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE30 l/h @ 7 bar12 x 9mm£1,741.74
GXLA0450 Wetted parts: PVDF/PTFE40 l/h @ 4 bar DN10£1,812.95