The CSS one shot timer control box will allow the operator to dose once for the duration set on the timer.  The start dosing signal can either be from a push button on the side of the box or a remote start from the client (specify at time of order).

The duration of the remote start signal does not affect the selected dose time. The CSS 24/7 digital timer control box will allow the operator to dose to a calendar schedule.

Up to 10 individual start.stops per day per channel can be set.

Please use the links below for more information:

Please specify voltage when ordering.


Key Features

Approvals: UL, CSA, CE approved

Availability: 2 to 5 days

Uses: many time ranges, operating modes and wide supply voltage range


CSS REFDescriptionPRICEEnquire
T-BOX17 Day Single Channel Timer Box 230v or 100v£225.00Enquire
T-BOX2Single Shot Timer Box 230v or 110v£210.00Enquire

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