High Speed Electric Mixers

  • High speed mixers available with marine type propeller and shaft in 316 s/s.
  • 3” to 10” propellers.
  • High speed mixers must always be installed in tanks which are always full of liquid when the mixer is to be run, as the propeller has a self-centering action when rotating at speed in the liquid.
  • Also available with plastic coated propellers and shafts.
  • Mixers are designed for securely mounting on the top of a tank or mixer bridge.

Key Features:

Construction: Stainless Steel coupling shaft and propeller

Applications:  Effulent and Water Treatment Industry

Availability: 1 week


TMOMixer with 3" Ø propeller fitted 0.18kW 415 volt motor£394.56Enquire
TMO-SP2Mixer with 3" Ø propeller fitted 0.18kW 240 volt motor£456.96Enquire
TM1Mixer with 4" Ø propeller fitted 0.37kW 415 volt motor£457.92Enquire
TM1-SP2Mixer with 4" Ø propeller fitted 0.37kW 240 volt motor£549.12Enquire
TM2Mixer with 6" Ø propeller fitted 0.55kW 415 volt motor£557.76Enquire
TM3Mixer with 7" Ø propeller fitted 0.75kW 415 volt motor£725.76Enquire
TM4Mixer with 8" Ø propeller fitted 1.5kW 415 volt motor£998.00Enquire


Mixer High Speed data sheetDownload
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