Injection lances (or fittings) are generally used within dosing systems as a means of introducing chemical into main pipeline streams.

CSS can offer a wide range of both withdrawable and fixed fittings.

The lances can incorporate N.R.V’s to prevent backflow.

In order to  select and quote for a suitable injection fitting we require

  • Dosage rate, pressure, and composition
  • Main line size, pressure and preferred tapping size and type (or existing tapping details)
  • Type of injection fitting required, insertion distance, if NRV required, and preferred dosage connection.

Type A :   Sizes: Limited to 1/2″ nominal bore lance through 1″ bsp corporation cock.

Insertion: Maximum length for 150mm past corporation cock without support

Pressures: Main line approx. 7 BarG with up to 10 BarG dosage

Features: Fitted with single O ring gland, diffuser, and anti blow out stop

Non return Valve: Either duck-bill or sprung ball type available.

Type B :

Sizes: Lance diameter up to 3″ Nominal bore with no limit on main line diameter

Insertion: Generally fitted to centre line on all main sizes

Pressures: Main line pressure limited by explusion forces if restraints not fitted – approx. 5-7 BarG with 10 BarG dosage.

Features: Fitted with double O ring gland, diffuser, and anti blow out stop.

Non return Valve: Either duck-bill or sprung ball on larger sizes.





Key Features:

Material of construction: PVC 

Application:  Water Treatment systems

Availability: Depending on version 3 to 10 days


Please call the office to discuss your requirement, as we can offer many options.