IBC Insulated Jacket

This Jacket is suitable for 1000 litre IBC’s

Outer surface is a cross laminated Polyethylene.  Impervious to bacteria and will withstand -35 degree A to +75A degree C.

Internal Thermal wadding with warmth factor of 2

Standard fittings:  Two flaps fitted with velcro to close the inlet and outlet: one centered in the top and one in the centre of the bottom on the narrowest side.

Please note this item would need additional stitching/attention if being used in a food environment, this would be done for an extra cost of £80.00.  Please specify with bound edges on any order if this is required.

Carriage charge of £25.00 nett is charged for delivery to UK mainland, please phone our sales office for quotes to other areas on 01606 861809.

Availability :  Usually 3 to 5 days

Quality:   Fire resistant / anti toxic

Standard: CLO (warmth factor equal to 2 (BSI 0.407m2.k/W (9.5TOG)

Dimensions: 1200mm (D), 1000mm (W), 1150mm (H)


CSS REFDescriptionPrice
IBC Jacket- 1Polyethylene wadded jacket for 1000 litre IBC£235.00
IBC Jacket - 2Polyethylene wadded jacket with bound edges for 1000 litre IBCs in Food environment£315.00