PART C Camlock HOSETAIL COUPLER Compression Fitting

The Camlock system is widely used in industry and chemical applications. It enables quick, efficient and safe connection with hoses or piping, it is based on two elements the adaptor and the coupler, both manufactured with GRP/PP body, EPDM seals (as standard) and stainless steel arms.
The Camlock system operates by opening the coupler’s arms and putting in the adaptor into the coupler, and closing the couplers arms to form a seal between the two elements.

Part C camlocks are most commonly used with Type E adaptors, but can also be used with Type F and A camlocks and Dp (dust plug) of the same size.

Key Features:

Pressure Rating: 100psi (6.8barg) @ +20◦C

Temperature Rating: 100C to + 800C.

Construction: GRPP (Polypropylene), epdm seal as standard

Options: Other sizes and seals available on request 

Availability: Ex Stock


CSS RefDescriptionPrice
1/2 F/C1/2" Hosetail x 3/4"Female Camlock£7.59
3/4 F/C3/" Hosetail x 3/4" Female Camlock£7.59
1 F/C1" Hosetail x 1" Female Camlock£8.44
1 1/2 F/C1 1/2" Hosetail x 1 1/2" Female Camlock£12.26
2 F/C2" Hosetail x 2" Female Camlock£12.26