Cable Ties

Cable ties are generally used to bundle together items, usually cables.

Standard cables are commonly fabricated from nylon grade 6.6.

Each tie features serrated “teeth” on one end.  The function of this is to lock inside the head on the other side of the strap.

For most effective use, store in a cool dry area, to prevent disintegration and take care not to over pressure the cable as this can mishape them.

Key Features

Applications:  Bundling of Cables

Material of Construction: Nylon grade 6.6

Quantities: Sold in packs of 100

Availability: Ex Stock






CTIE-1212" Black Cable Tie
(300mm x 4.8mm)
£3.00 per 100
CTIE-1414" Black Cable Tie
(370mm x 3.6mm)
£3.74 per 100
CTIE-2121" Black Heavy Duty Cable Tie
(550mm x 8mm)
£15.30 per 100