Burkert Inline Flow Switches

  • 24VDC, powered 12-20V DC
  • Programmable NPN and PNP transistor output
  • Open collector, 5-03VDC 700mA
  • Large display and easy to use menu.
  • PVC inline fitting with PVDF paddlewheel, FKM seals PVC to DIN8063
  • True union connections, 50 degC max, PN10

Key Features:

Features: Indication, monitoring, transmitting and ON/OFF control in one device

Automatic calibration: Teach-In

Process Value Output: 4…20mA 

Availability: 2/3 weeks


CSS RefDescriptionCSS PriceEnquire
939119678032 inline flow switch, DN8, G1/2" male thread, 50-1800 l/h flow range not union connection£328.63Enquire
939092958032 inline flow switch, DN15, 200-6700 l/h flow range£331.44Enquire
939092968032 inline flow switch, DN20, 290 Ð 9500 l/h flow range £353.67Enquire
939092978032 inline flow switch, DN25, 410 Ð 13,600 l/h flow range£350.87Enquire
939092988032 inline flow switch, DN32, 750 Ð 25,000 l/h flow range£373.87Enquire
939092998032 inline flow switch, DN40, 1250 Ð 41,000 l/h flow range£390.69Enquire
939093008032 inline flow switch, DN50, 2100 Ð 70,000 l/h flow range£397.94Enquire


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