Burkert 8619 Multicell

Transmitter/controller with multichannel inputs for different sensor types such as flow, pH, ORP, conductivity.

Direct connection of sensors

Intuitive operation and secure

Graphic display with adjustable backlight and user friendly dynamic softkey operation

Standard software functions: signal simulation, diagnostics, information display

Additional software packages available for chemical dosing, control functions for PID, data

Logging with date/time stamp, concentration tables

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Key Features:

Universal Use: Compatible with most common flow pH/O.R.P and conductivity sensors, directly connected

User Friendly:

* Easy, intuitive user interface supported by a large adjustable backlit display (4 user defined views)

* Data Logging and basic transmitter/controller with hardware extension(up to 6 free slots), selectable software extensions

Availability: 2/3 weeks


multi cell operating instructionsDownload
multi cell technical data sheetDownload
Multi Cell 8619-Quickstart GuideDownload