A brominator  works with bromo chloro-dimethyl hydatoin to keep your system sanitized.  Using a brominator works better than chlorine.  The chemical that is created called hypobromite, will keep your water clear and free from algae and it will not leave a chlorine smell.

Water flows through  the brominator from the application, either under the water pressure generated by the system or via a booster pump. As the water flows through the brominator the tablets held within are dissolved into the system water, with the rate of dissolving being controlled by adjustment of the flow rate.

Timer and/or redox controlled solenoid valves can be fitted as an extra should greater control be required of the bromine levels.

Key features:

Max Pressure:  80 psi.

Includes: Flow meter, inlet valve and drain valve all in UPVC

Applications: Cooling Towers, Swimming Pools

Lead time: Confirmed with order

Carriage: TBC with order



BROM-02Size 260mm diameter x 630mm, holds 18kg of tablets. With flow meter and valve range 60-600£1,488.50
BROM-03Size 280mm diameter x 1150mm, holds 36kg of tablets. With flow meter and valve range 100-1000 ltr/hr£1,573.00