Paul A Quinn – Global MCA Business Development Manager, Buckman International

CSS a long time supplier to Buckman has gotton to know our business and business acumen well.  The best accolade for CSS was a few years back, when CSS came to Buckman with a significant recommended change in our equipment design.  This would improve production time for them and in return save Buckman money.  This was true “Continuous Improvement”.  CSS did this to improve our position in our Industries and make themselves more productive.  CSS could have easily asked for a increase in cost for this, but passed part of the savings on to us.”

Ryan Forrest – Field Operations Manager, Buckman EMEA

CSS is one of our preferred suppliers for equipment within EMEA, and for specific equipment they are our sole partner globally.  Buckman have been working with CSS for over 20 years.  They have shown to be a true added value partner on design, engineering and continuous improvement.  CSS thinks with us, they challenge their key suppliers to come up with new designs and solutions that help Buckman make equipment safer, more reliable and more cost effective.

Through the years CSS has built up a lot of experience working together with Buckman.  They know the “Buckman way”, they understand our requirements and fulfill these with full professionalism.  CSS supports us with their knowledge and manpower, not only with EMEA but also the USA, Canada, South America and Asia.  They are well respected for their knowledge, by our associates around the globe.  What’s most important for us as the client, is CSS will always do what they can in working towards solving an issue, where after a healthy discussion, will make it clear what the issue was, how it was solved and who takes responsibility.  Another most important asset is that with Buckman, CSS take safety as the highest priority.  Going as far as CSS will challenge us when they have the slightest doubt about any possible safety issue.

We involve CSS in our bigger projects from the start, introduce them to our clients (where appropriate), making sure they are happy with our partners.  Bringing CSS in at an early stage allows us to do a better job, prevent misunderstandings, making sure CSS understands the real requirements of our clients, so we avoid surprises in the long run.”

Richard Bramham, Manager, Henkel Adhesive Industries

CSS have good experience with process engineering and control and are the ideal partner for Henkel in this equipment area. We have been working with them for around 5 years and have steadily increased the work we have done together. Currently the main project we are working on with CSS is adhesive in-line dilution equipment for our Tissue and Towel customers. The equipment allows customers flexibility to select their own specific adhesive dilution level in their process and saves them money by using a concentrated product. The in-line dilution equipment accurately meters, dilutes and mixes concentrated adhesive with water before adding it to the customer’s process. We are supplying this equipment to most of the major Tissue manufactures in Europe including UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Portugal, Italy, CEE. They are a reliable supplier – quick to respond to quotations and documentations and are always willing and able to talk through any issues or new ideas. They worked with Henkel on R&D on the project in helping to ensure we got the right pumps, mixers and overall design of the system. They are thorough in quality control and testing of equipment, which pays off in that there are minimal in field issues which is vitally important for Henkel.I would not hesitate in recommending them to other customers for similar process engineering projects.”

Ian Davidson – Equipment Solutions Leader UK & I, Suez Water & Process Technologies

“CSS are a highly effective and competent contractor. They enable Suez Water Technologies & Solutions mechanical and electrical services, as we invest to overcome clients’ needs and to bridge productivity gaps.  CSS collaborate and support our teams of Project Engineers and applications specialists, when we design chemical monitoring and dosing solutions that enhance the performance Suez WTS proprietary technologies, giving our clients optimised dosing solutions that minimise water waste, increase equipment capacities and bring much needed compliance through our insight platform.  Our service support via CSS has been a key contributor over many years, as our global water treatment technologies develop further and we launch more intuitive ranges to deliver whole life cost effectivness for our customers to benefit from.”

Dr Sandra Rountree – Sales Manager, Biochemica UK Ltd

CSS have always provided Biochemica with an excellent service.  In placing orders we always have quite an urgent need for a quick turnaround and CSS are always very accommodating in our requirements.  If there is a problem they will always come back with a solution which is very reassuring.  From order to delivery they are very professional.  This is reflected in the fact that we have now liaised with CSS to create a bespoke range of tanks and systems for Biochemica so they will be our preferred supplier in this area.

I would recommend their services to anyone with no reservations.”

Stuart Knott – Innovation Project Manager, Anglian Water

Following internal concept development and design creation, CSS have helped worked with detailed drawings to create a number of test pipe loops (pilot plant) which were representative of our drinking water network. During all stages of the pilot plant build CSS were continually in contact with Anglian so that work progressed smoothly. There were a number of challenges which were identified during the build and which CSS identified and proactively resolved.

The pilot plant was designed to recreate a number of key variables also present in our water network system. We will be running the pilot plant for 6 months whilst continually monitoring the water quality to assess the impacts of certain variables on the water quality. The work stream is part of a PhD project.

CSS have been helpful and supportive throughout the whole project. Even after delivery and commissioning support has been great. Key to this has been really great communication with their team throughout the process.