Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is shelf Life of Tangit adhesive and how do I find date?

    Canned adhesives normally have a shelf life of minimum of 2 years.  Please check respective data sheet.

    Normally batch and date of filling is on the edge of the can, in special cases also on the bottom.

  • How can I check the quality of the adhesive?

    Before use, the adhesive must always be stirred. The adhesive should flow of the paint brush br forming a trail, otherwise it must no longer be used.  (See “Instructions for Use)

  • Can I bond polyproylene or plyethylene pipes with tangit adhesive?


    These should preferably be bonded with the help of welding techniques.

  • Can I thin a dried up adhesive by using a cleaner or a solvent?

    This must not be done in any circumstances as the adhesive only works due to the precise nature of the conbination of solvents.  Gelled adhesive is no longer usable.