Testomonial from Stuart Knott – Innovation Project Manager at Anglian Water

Following internal concept development and design creation, CSS have helped worked with detailed drawings to create a number of test pipe loops (pilot plant) which were representative of our drinking water network. During all stages of the pilot plant build CSS were continually in contact with Anglian so that work progressed smoothly. There were a number of challenges which were identified during the build and which CSS identified and proactively resolved.

The pilot plant was designed to recreate a number of key variables also present in our water network system. We will be running the pilot plant for 6 months whilst continually monitoring the water quality to assess the impacts of certain variables on the water quality. The work stream is part of a PhD project.

CSS have been helpful and supportive throughout the whole project. Even after delivery and commissioning support has been great. Key to this has been really great communication with their team throughout the process.